Your body uses the combination of all of your senses, along with gravity and the horizon in order to maintain your correct posture and keep you seeing in a straight line. So what happens when your pelvis or spine start to develop a curve or scoliosis?

In order to keep your eyes level with the horizon, your body will innately compensate for your flaw by creating a counter curve to straighten your eyes back to the horizon. This curve can be a single curve (‘C’ shaped), or a double curve (‘S’ shaped), both of these curves are known as scoliosis.

If the curve becomes severe enough, it can restrict breathing or even place pressure on and/or strain the heart and other organs. At this stage, bracing for life or permanent surgery may be required to take pressure off the surrounding organs to counter a shortened life expectancy.

Usually, this curve starts to develop just before or at the onset of puberty and by the time the individual becomes an adult the curve settles into its’ position for life. Once the curve has settled it becomes very difficult to correct, however while they are still in the growth phase, it may be possible to make small corrections or even stop the scoliosis from progressing.

A research study released in 2011 followed the progression of 28 patients with severe (with a >40 degree) scoliosis. These individuals received the same Chiropractic treatment protocol for six months and had follow up studies at 24 months. While this study is a preliminary s, it showed that all patients had improved pain scores, spirometry and disability rating, with 22 of the 28 patients showing signs of improved curve via x-ray analysis.

This is great news for people who have been told that their only option is surgery, or those who have been told that they have a progressing scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a complex issue that should be managed closely by all practitioners involved. If you or someone you know has been told they have scoliosis or the onset of scoliosis, make an appointment for an assessment to get some holistic advice on the best options available to them.